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  • Keys - Auckland Locksmiths

    12 November at 13:53 from atlas

    Tips & Tricks

    House keys / Mortice Keys /Rim keys /Yale keys /Car keys / Safe keys Keys tend to get a hard time. Keys get thrown in hand bags, shoved in pockets, drop on the ground. It is important to keep keys clean and free of dust. Watch for keys wearing out and not locking or unlocking your house, business or vehicle lock smoothly and easily. Watch for the key bending and weakening. This will eventually lead to your key breaking off in the lock.

    If you have multiple locks and different keys to open up different locks in your house or business, many time we can solve this timely consuming problem by rekeying all your locks to the same key.

    If you are storing many keys for different uses example: car yard/small hotels/care facility we can provide a lockable key cabinet which can be fixed to a wall or inside a cupboard.

    There are many ways in which we can make you life less keyed up! - Ring us now.