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  • Christmas Holidays and stolen property

    12 November at 05:21 from atlas

    Breaks in Stolen Keys Stolen property

    Crime never stops not even for a holiday.

    The Christmas holidays are fast approaching which means kids are out of school more pressure are put on parents for presents and toys and going away money. Unfortunately some people will see this as an opportunity to see if they can take your stuff and make it their own. Ensure you do the basics - windows clear of bushes - collection of mail and junk mail. Tell your neighbours you are going away. If you can have a car parked in the drive way. Make the property looked lived in not "away on holiday". Check your windows latches and locks, door locks, patio locks are tight on the frame. Ensure all locks are in working order. Ensure you have keys for all locks. If you have many keys for many locks we may be able to key alike your locks so you only need one key. If you are unsure of the security of your property a Locksmith from Eastern Bays Mobile Locksmith will be happy to come over and give you a free security assessment and quote for any work that may need doing. Ph Eastern Bays Mobile Locksmith now ph 0800 502 340